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hi srk.heli!

you could run your vtx off the flight battery by connecting the vtx to the flight battery balance tap. don't think that would introduce any additional ground loop issues.

found this info on the 3s balance tap wiring in another post but the basic premise could be used for packs with any number of cells -

"...the black wire of the balance tap is neg. Simply count over (you could check it with a volt meter but there is really no need).

The first wire after the neg is 4.2v (charged), the 2nd wire will give you 8.4v and the third wire gives the full 12.6

hope this helps!

- will

Originally Posted by srk.heli View Post
Could someone please post a simple diagram for hooking the OSD/logger up to a single battery with a transmitter? I've been running the OSD/Logger vTX with a separate battery for awhile and it has been working great. I've got a feeling that I'm going to fry something if I just take the power leads that go the vtx and hook it up to the main battery.

The current set up is vTX battery -> vTX -> 3 pin (vid/+/-) to OSD Vid out. Camera (vid/+/-) is hooked up to vid in on OSD.

Not sure what I need to do to run the video system off the main battery to avoid loops and so forth.

thanks for the help
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