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Below are some mods many people believe should be done to the Mini CP as soon as possible:
  • Servo Saver mod - Bytemuncher's RCG Blog has detailed info. HeHenri posted how to make a DIY Wire Spring Tensioner for the Servo Saver Mod. And Indoorheli has reported not fully tightening the Main Shaft Collar Screw also prevents stripping Servo Gears.

  • RX Saver Mod - Attach a somewhat stiff support from bottom of Battery Tray so it extends inside the bottom of the Canopy and helps keep the Canopy from easily sliding upwards when it is hit from the bottom. Marioinc posted details. I think if this mod (or any other mod that keeps the bottom of the Canopy from easily pivoting upward) is performed, then there might not be a need to do the RX Coil Saver mod.

  • Canopy Saver Mod - Apply a strip of tape along the entire bottom edge of the Canopy. The Canopy is very durable; however, it easily splits starting from the bottom edge, and then over time the split travels towards the nose. Hopefully taping the entire bottom edge of the Canopy will prevent splits from starting.

  • RX Coil Saver mod - Apply adhesive (Hot Glue, X2 White Gorilla Glue, CA, etc.) to Coil at front lower right corner of RX board, so Coil doesn't break when Canopy is taken off (in a crash?). If the Coil lead(s) has broken from the PWB and the lead(s) is too short to re-solder to the PWB, it can be carefully unwound as required (one of the Coil's leads easily unwinds one loop at a time from the outside inwards; however the other lead has its end exposed but immediately get buried under all the windings - if that lead is too short, probably the other lead will need to be completely unwound, so the coil can be rewound with long enough leads at each end), rewind as necessary (depending on which Coil wire lead broke from PWB), and re-solder as required. I think the Coil can be replaced for about $0.35 + $2.80 shipping from; however, we should get one and verify it works before publicizing the Part Number.

  • RX Antenna end - Keep it as vertical as possible - this will keep its exposed bare tip from electrically shorting against the Motor or RX circuitry, and have the Antenna positioned for best signal reception. Some people feel safer insulating (Liquid Electrical Tape, X2 White Gorilla Glue, Hot Glue, Heatshrink, etc.) the exposed wire at the tip of Antenna.

After the Servo Holder's - Canopy Holder Rod breaks from a strong crash, Hot Glue a 38 mm (1.5 inch) length of 1 mm CF Rod centered across the back of the Servo Holder above the Servo Holder Guide Pin and Screw Head. If at a later time the Servo Holder needs to be removed, the Hot Glue and Canopy Holder Rod can be removed as required.
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