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My 4Ch Tandem fleet has grown by another member. I got a red/white Walkera YS8001 Tandem from Hobby King:

Of course, it's BNF with no radio or battery charger so I had to go order those from another place. However, it flies pretty well for having a swashplate that supports elevator as well as cyclic roll. Like the Esky Tandem, hovering it is still a bit like balancing on a beach ball and if you get distracted for a second, it will try to tip its arse down and commit suicide by bashing into the nearest wall...but other than that, it's a fun little scale model to fly around.

That brings my 4ch tandem fleet up to:

Blade Rescue
Nine Eagles Twingo
Esky Tandem
Walkera YS8001

and of course, all four are discontinued.

Right now there still seems to be a fairly large set of spare parts to be had if you are willing to scour the earth looking for stock in asia, europe, and australia/new zealand. However, I find that flybars are a bit harder to find. I guess everyone breaks those (ESPECIALLY THE SKY TANDEM!!!!) and tries to buy up all stock.

Has anybody ever tried these:

MIA Flybar Stability Tuning Kit

which consist of little red weights that have setscrews that you use to attach to an existing flybar. It just seems that you'd REALLY have to dig those bolts into the flybar to keep them from being launched like little bullets...

I noticed that the YS8001 flybar uses little weights and keeps them on by actually having a physically bent wire that fits into the weight.
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