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Yes, Another Newbie Radio Question

Iíve only been into RC flying for a little over a month. I did a lot of reading here on RCG before making my first purchases, knowing that a good deal of what I was reading related to personal preference.

My first radio is a Spektrum DX7. I based that on information I found here, on the recommendation of my LHS, and the fact that one came along at a very good price. So far it has worked out pretty well, but I do have concerns.

My concerns are based on the frequent issues I read about with regards to crashes and lost aircraft due to lost signal. This may certainly occur to more than just Spektrum, but that brand seems to bear the brunt of the exposure.

As I said, my DX7 experience to this point has been pretty good, however I have seen my quad (my only RC aircraft at the moment) do some strange things at times. Iím not saying that these oddities have anything to do with an actual problem with my radio system, and could very well be linked to configuration, lack of experience, or outside influences. However, with everything Iíve read, it does make me wonder a little.

So in terms of this loss of signal problem, is it an issue with Spektrum, 2.4 GHz in general or something else? Is there a reliability issue with Spektrum, or can I expect this same phenomenon to occur with any 2.4 system I buy?

I do not want to start a ďbrand warĒ and not sure if my question has a simple or complex answer. I would just like to do my due diligence in keeping my aircraft (and the people around it) safe to the best of my ability.
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