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Originally Posted by aspeed View Post
Looks interesting. I bought some Lexan polycarbonate for windows in a garage. It was pretty much like coroplast but more rigid and clear. I kind of wondered what it would be good for. Kind of an invention looking for an application. Might work for a fuselage. Never seen the armaboard. There isn't really any grain, It might bend well for a wing especially the thinner stuff.
Hi aspeed.

Yeh, the no-grain means its perfectly flat (or so the brochure says). I'm thinking of building a wing for a MIG-7 from it, as that plan calls for crushing the flutes across the grain anyway - so the perfect fold-technique for this material (I imagine).

Re: Polycarb - its a brilliant material. Density is 1.22 (of water...gms/cm3) and its strong but flexible. I'm looking at laminating it with Correx as a wing-spar. Its stronger than PET and look how much pressure a softdrink (sodapop) puts on a PET bottle!
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