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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
I'm doing calibration of my white 1.2/1.3 version of the FF controller. I have v1.24 firmware in the FF board and am using v1.0.7 of the ZN Upper Machine configuration program guided by the User Guide dated 02-26-2012 from post #1, so I think I have all the latest version of everything.

The basic settings all went well and system settings all looked to set as they should, and so did the IMU calibration, up to a point.

I have the board sitting level on my slate pool table. The FF board boots up with the designated sequence of LED flashes and beeps and the IMU calibration process triggers by moving both sticks up and outward as the manual states, but it's also triggered by both stick up and inward, which is not mentioned. I figured this might be similar to the controller arming process, which works with both sticks down and either in together or out together, so I didn't get concerned (yet). I let the IMU alibration go to completion with both methods, and it appeared to complete OK, ending with the specified single buzzer beep and extinction of the Green LED.

BUT, in both methods, right after the GREEN LED goes out, I get another buzzer beep followed by three flashes of the RED LED, which then goes out. SO... is this another undocumented feature or error alert. I can find nothing here that explains this, or did I miss it?
Tom, I'm a newbie, but I have a FF 1.3/1.2 AND a 1.3/1.3 and they do the same as yours. It's puzzling. But, 24 hrs ago I had never hovered anything, and today I got a stable hover at eyeball level. Sweet. OK, there were also broken props and frightened people during the 1st attempts, but that was my bad, not the FF. If I can fly it, even a caveman can. Great board with no mods.......yet.
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