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Originally Posted by Firepower View Post
Just keeping your post up front so someone can help or have you resolved your problem.

I had the similar or the same problems but magically I seemed to get over them when I played with the board more.

Which TX have you got a Futaba 9C/10C or another brand? (as you would know Futaba throttle stuff is upside down to others)

EDIT: May be not totally magically but also with help of the blokes from here. jesolins spot on with the comments in the following post. That should help.
Originally Posted by jesolins View Post
Hi Tom,
Yes there are undocumented stick movements that will also arm the FF as it was noted noted in the FF Arming 101. Note that there are different arming procedures in the pre FF v1.4 firmware too.
--FF arming 101
--FF Tx channel reversal and camera pitch control 101
--ESC calibration using FF
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My TX is a Futaba 7C.

But maybe I wasn't clear on my question. Arming the FF board is not really the question... I've read and undestood the stick motions for that with FW 1.24, and did see this in the latest User Guide from post #1. I only mentioned the dual ways of arming the board because I found the same applies to starting the IMU calibration using the TX. So this was mainly an observation possibly for a Used Guide revision.

My question was in regard to the IMU calibration itself. I've done this both via the ZN setup program and via the TX using the documented (sticks up and out) motion. In both cases, I get an additional buzzer beep followed by three flashes of the RED right (ending with the LED off) immediatedly after the IMU calibration ends with the documented beep and green LED turning off. So I was asking if the additional beep and flashing of the red LED at the end of the IMU calibration is normal or an error indication of some kind? If it's an error, what does it mean?

After posting, I forgot to mention that I also have installed a baro chip on the boards reserved pads, and based on the ZN output, it looks to be successfully installed and working (see my recent post on this). Perhaps the extra beep and flashing red LED after the IMU calibration completes is related to the presence of the baro chip?

I was hoping someone could could confirm they have gotten the same extra beep and red LED flashes at the end of the IMU calibration, with or without a baro chip on the board. And if so, does the FF board work properly? I'm hesitant to attempt to fly it until I know what is going on... still waiting for motors to arrive before I can even do a tethtered test.

To repeat, I have:

1. white FF board with v1.2 on one side and 1.3 on the other
2. FF version 1.24 installed
3. using ZN v1.7.0
4. BMP085 baro chip installed on the FF board (functioning properly, I believe)
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