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Find a VERY flat table first, or get a building board. I can't stress a straight surface hard enough, else your plane will come off that surface crooked.

Then get lots of glue, white wood glue is best as far as being forgiving, CA (super glue) will bond instantly (my personal favorite), but it can make you really sick, so ventilate GOOD. Get 30 and 5 minute epoxy too, and something to mix in, especially if you fly nitro. You should only use CA when you know what you're doing, because if you slip or your mind wanders, your hands will be stuck to the plane, and the plane will be stuck to the table (sometimes, your face will be stuck to your hands too, don't ask how I know).

Sanding blocks, files, drills, wax paper, lots of covering (ultracote, Monokote etc.) a good iron with a sock, heat gun, sharp blades, razors.... anything else I forgot? Oh yeah, time, lots of it.

Sometimes you have to wait for things to dry for 24 hours, so plan ahead, prepare things to be glued, make sure it's aligned, pin it, mix the glue, slap it on and go to bed.

In the recent years, ARF is not only faster, or more convenient, but it's cheaper too. Apart from a learning experience, building a plane from scratch or a kit is not the most efficient option, unless you enjoy doing it, which I do.
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