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Originally Posted by cmpang View Post
Hi Rob,
sorry to know that you've get hurted by the motors. never come across that before. Just like you, I always double check after making some changes by closing the GUI and unplug the usb cable then reconnect and start the GUI again. Every one out of about 5 times I found what I've change is not registered in the fc and then will have to do it again. However, once double checked, it remain there without losing ... I will ask Rabbit to see what they say about it..

Hi cmpang...I reloaded the previous firmware and it worked, then I loaded the latest firmware again, because I really want to make it work. I have spent the last few hours, initially setting it up and then disconnecting and connecting again and again and again. Over the last 20 plus or minus connections via usb cable, on 2 occasions it reverted back to the status as that came with the firmware.

Unless someone can give me a reasonable reason as to why this is happening, I believe that this firmware has a problem and could be dangerous.

Please could you discuss this with the developers. I know that mine is probably a special case as I am using ESC's that require 500hz signal, which instantly start spinning when connected, but, there could be other repercussions that one does not know about.

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