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Originally Posted by jollyroger View Post
..... Do not provide readily available and quality flight instruction. I don't mean to paint all clubs with the same brush, so there are more than likely those who really desire growth, but the fact that giving flight instruction can be extremely stressful for some and not something a lot of people would like doing. I doubt if anyone truly loves sweating bullets teaching people to fly RC airplanes.

Maybe it's because some instructors are not that competent so they sweat it out each time they take a student up. If that is the case, then the club needs to find someone who is competent and comfortable teaching new students.
Maybe a training course for would- be instructors is what's needed along with an attitude adjustment. It sounds to me that the AMA is a good place to start. I won't even get started about the AMA organization and the people who run it but there needs to be a bit of tweaking and change of attitude there.
I wish I lived closer to you so you could teach me your method. However, since I live in Northern Michigan, you're a long drive away. How about making a video for instructors?[/QUOTE]

I've giving that idea (video) a lot of thought, in fact, I've asked several people to help me with that, but for various reasons, it never got done.
Maybe it's far fetched, but I thought about members of the industry and AMA doing a professional job of doing a video of my teaching method. AMA had explained that they cannot "endorse" anyone's teaching method, so I gave up on asking them to help me, help them, although it's possible that recently, they may be having second thoughts in that direction, since nothing that's been done so far as growth efforts has panned out for them.

Although I don't like the idea of traveling, another route would be the industry or whoever is interested, could fund me going to clubs to demonstrate and teach others how to use my method. Since I've only given a couple of fliers, a rudimentary taste of teaching my method, I'm not all that sure how long it would take to actually train others how to learn it. Locally, until recently, for many years, no one showed any interest in my teaching them how easy giving flight training can be. Hopefully, this might be the year.

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