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I read your post(s), and gave it some thought. I don't need to google the terms "Break Free CLP" to read what other people have to say about it, because when I was in the military, we spent considerable time cleaning our firearms with LSD (I think that's what they called it in back in the 70's? I forgot what it stood for). Our weapons had to survive being exposed to all kinds of animal-like outdoor environments: crawling and rolling in water, mud, dirt, grass, brush, etc. With the gazillions of $ and manpower both the US and businesses spend doing research over the centuries, I'm fairly certain the US military is probably using the best most economical product. I had a desk job, so I don't have a strong opinion about how well it worked, or how much better it worked than other products. If I remember correctly, my father had no problems using 3-in-1? Machine Oil on all his various firearms, but maybe I have a bad memory and he/we used something else (to date I've never chosen or bought a gun cleaning product, and have always used what was provided without question).

The point in my above post was/is, I'm guessing the reason why most people use(d) thick grease for un-sealed bearings, may be because the grease "doubles" as an effective cheap easy water proof seal? The reason why bearings were/are "packed" with grease is to keep water and other trash out of the interior of bearings that will be placed into service in wet and/or dirty environments.

I'm not a gun "hugger", but have been around many for most of my life. Gun "huggers" practically sleep with their guns (I know a few people that do!). How many of those guys are going to expose their "piece" to a bad environment? Even the one's that don't sleep with their guns, how many of them do you think would willingly throw their "piece" in a puddle, mud, grass, bushes? I bet if they saw me do that to their "piece", they'd turn "red". From what I've seen, just about the only grime their "piece" gets exposed to is oily hand/fingerprints, and powder burns, and then a gun owner would probably immediately go back to a clean environment and spend "quality" time gently cleaning their "piece", before lovingly placing it under their pillow, or storing it in one of the cleanest areas they have.

I don't think many heli owner's reading the micro thread are going to be as careful or want to spend as much 1-on-1 quality time with their heli's bearings. I don't do it on purpose, but my micro heli's routinely take dirt "naps". I don't think I'm having much fun with my heli's unless they take dirt naps every once in a while. I think having a protective coating of something around an otherwise open bearing might be a good way of keeping unwanted stuff out of areas that are supposed to be clean and waterproof. I feel fairly certain, if it wouldn't cause a gun's muzzle to mushroom, every gun "hugger" would be using a "grease" plug also. Right?

Does "Break Free BCP" keep water, dust, dirt, grass, and/or debris out of the insides of a barrel? Don't you think a grease plug would? (until someone tried to fire the weapon)

Final comment: I wish I knew a way to post what I want to say with fewer words.
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