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Originally Posted by G Norsworthy View Post
I did clean the RDS well in water after I made them. Hope all the acid came off. Baking soda is a good idea. I should check them after sitting this winter.
I did read those articles a while back. Very interesting. For now #10 will have to do until somebody goes faster than me. Season starts in about a week, weather permitting.
I use this SS soldering method to completely eliminate corrosion risk:

First, clean all the SS components, and tin with solder using acid flux. This includes the inside of the SS tubes. Then clean off the parts completely, first using baking soda in water, and then some sort of solvent like acetone. Then assemble/solder the components using rosin flux.

Because the SS tube is tinned inside, and the wiper is tinned outside, you have to heat them while putting the wiper into the tube. But this is a not difficult if you have a big soldering iron.
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