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Originally Posted by andrewho83 View Post
After a long night of rebuilding my Genius CP, I thought I would take it out for some fun on my lunch hour. I bought the double brushless kit, but only installed the BL main motor, with a mini cp tail motor.

So I hit up the local field, it's a water treatment plant with a park next to it, and its quite fairly empty.

I walk with my head up and proud, and take it out of my newly acquired helicopter box, finished with foam padding and cutouts. SO happy.

I fly through the first battery and man does this bird ever have fast pitches ! so cool. I ended up crashing it into the ground when a servo horn broke off, but fixed it right after.

Take off again, and oh high it goes ! I lament on the sighting of an observing pedestrian as I can't take the pressure of my amateur flying skills. I decide to lower the plane down. and damn, the tail starts to blow out !!


I manage to gain control of it, but its way too high up there to correct to tail in orientation since thats the only one I know how to fly, and it ends up taking a nose dive...

Hard on the controls, I jam my right thumb for right aileron, harder than I've ever pushed before, but it is still diving...

It all goes down in a matter of a second and no sound of any impact of it hitting the ground? it didnt.. NO !!!!

i wish i had the bravery to go get my camera and take a pic of what happened, but it was just a blur as i was in shock and i see my poor little plane with its red light and servos twitching at the bottom of a sewer grater.

Have you even been ice fishing before? Whatever you drop will always somehow find its way into a 7 inch hole in the ice, despite having miles of solid frozen lake or ground around the hole

Sorry for your loss.
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