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Flying W and Nut Ball varients.

It has been mentioned that the rounded wings ala Heart Shaped W are better than the delta shaped Revolution.
It is also well known how great the Nut Ball is.
Well, why not combine the two? A round W shaped wing.
I took some paper and cut a circle, then folded it in two different proportioned W's. One like the Heart shaped W with the center section split and bent and the outer panel wider. Like starting with 3 same width panels.
The other with both center sections and both outer panels the same width.
Then on one, I bent the elevons on the center panels and the other, I bent them on the outer panels.
here are the two paper proposals. Had I had time, I would make them both say 22" diameter and see which one flies better.
I wonder how different they would turn at slow speeds with the elevons in different locations.
Yes, I could make a 3rd design with all 4 elevons like the Capricorn but that is more complex. Let's keep it simple and talk about the two designs shown.
I don't have the time nor material to make both planes but really, really want to build one. A completely round W shaped plane. The name can be whatever the first guy to build both names it :-)

I kind of like the one on the right in both pictures, the one with all 4 panels the same width.
The angles would be 110 and 135 as was proven to work well already.
The Rudder hinge line on both designs would be at the rear edge of the circle. The rudder itself would hang off the back of the plane. It could even extend down under the fuse like I did on my Scorpio...
What are your thoughts?
Anyone have time to build both, fly both, take videos (important), report finders here then pick a name for it?
I came up with a few names but really want that honor to go to who builds, flies, videos both. We can all keep the names in our heads. Only one name to be revealed by the builder/flyer. My thought - my rules ...
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