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There are a lot of conservative people in this hobby and people such as these simply will not accept anything new even if it is a means for improvement. It's just their nature.
Even when you provide the evidence of the success of your method these people will reject it as it does not fit in with the mindset. It is a long row to hoe and sometimes one never gets it finished. Just consider all those flyers who have never accepted iron-on covering. They consider it nearly blasphemy, after all real planes are covered with silk and dope. Some consider planes with two wings and flying wires to be only real aircraft. Think about the attitude towards electrics: it's now divided into two camps, those who accept it and those who reject it entirely.
Many ideas die a long and painful death. Sometimes it takes decades to make any meaningful changes.
As far as your experience at the AMA event, I can only express my disappointment in people. But There you are.
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