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Originally Posted by i812 View Post
If Boca can manage to stay in business for a long time by specializing at nothing else but bearings, then I'd be inclined to think that someone (a PHD type) at Boca knows more about Bearings than your average Joe in this Forum.

Maybe someone should check Boca's website, to see if they have any maintenance recommendations? If not, maybe a phone call may come up with valuable info?
Ok, so I talked to Boca Bearing directly, and their instructions were as follows:

"Soak the bearing in brake cleaner overnight."

That was it!

I asked if re-lubing was necessary and he said "No.". However, if I wanted to re-lube I could use ""High Speed Oil".

Just thought I'd report back.

Originally Posted by Username> View Post
I've not had to clean any of my Heli bearings from dirt and grime, but I used an RPM bearing blaster ( RPM #81170 ).
It was used primarily to clean 5x11x4 wheel bearings in my Trucks and buggies, but i'm sure it would be great for smaller heli ballraces.
They're only about a fiver ($8) and are handy to have.
With regards replacement bearings; I buy mine from rcbearings over here in the UK.
I've found them to be cheap and of better quality and UBEC (Tolerance) than most stock bearings (particularly Walkera and Traxxas ones).
BTW.. I use the Triflow needle point pen dispenser as it's good for those hard to reach parts in our sub micro heli's.
Thank you for the recommendation, including manufacturer and part number.

I ended up purchasing the RPM Bearing Blaster from my LHS, along with some Nitro Engine Clean (which also states that it's safe for bearing cleaning) to use with the Bearing Blaster. The Tri-Flow needle point pen dispenser will be my lube of choice as well, and I think I'll be all set.

Regarding the bearing replacement option, I did ask Boca Bearing, and the part number for the MR63 Radial Bearings (3 x 6 x 2 Millimeters) found on the MicroHeli frame is MR63-ZZ/ case anybody wanted to know. I haven't purchased these or tried them to confirm, so I'm only basing this on information provided from Boca Bearing. If anyone knows for certain if these are a proper replacement, please post up.

Originally Posted by benmlee View Post
Word of caution on motor cleaner or other high power solvent, be sure to use rubber gloves or keep your fingers away. I read from r/c cars forum that over time, it drys out your hand to an ugly mess.

As you get older, fingers dry out, and is harder to pick up small things. With dry skins, it will actually tear easily when you try to apply too much force or scrape it. So protect your hand so you don't regret it latter on.
Thank you for the words of caution, I will certainly wear Nitrile gloves to avoid any unwanted damage to my hands. Cheers!

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