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Originally Posted by WBD View Post
I have a Turnigy 9x (ER9X) and have wired an E-Flite light controller LED system into my quad which works great except one small detail.
When the switch is on (THR) my lights are nice and bright. With the switch off the lights go dim, not off. Any idea on how to get them to go off when the switch is off?
I tried playing with the EPA but not sure what else to try.
What channel do you have them plugged into? Are you using any mixes?

To dim an LED you have to pulse it rapidly, simply lowering the voltage won't make them dim the way a filament bulb does, so it sounds like it has something to do with the channel's characteristics. You mentioned the switch you're using as "(THR)", if you have it plugged into the throttle channel that might explain it. That's how the ESC slows a brushless motor, by pulsing it slower. Try connecting the lights to another channel, like the gear (5) channel.
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