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Nice flying - as usual! Smooth as butter! I especially enjoyed the low, slow, and smooth inverted harriers & KE harrier circuits. Nice hover & torque-rolls from about 1:50-2:00.

It was 72 F today. I headed to the field after work with the B3D, Gee Bee, and mCP X.

The wind was out of the north @ 6-11 MPH at first, but it calmed down to just a breath of a breeze by the time I got to the field. Was an absolutely perfect evening for flying! Surprisingly, I was the only one there! Well..aside from a gaggle of geese that weren't so happy about the invasion of airspace. So, I flew pretty much nonstop until dusk. I ran 10 Hyp 240 packs through the Beast 3D. Had a blast shooting touch & gos, doing inverted harriers, KE loops, point-rolls, and torque-rolls. Shooting touch & gos was so much fun, I flew three packs just practicing scale takeoffs & landings. I played around with two-wheel takeoffs & power-on, two-wheel landings - where I would let the tail come down on its own. Was an absolute blast!

I also put a lot of stick-time on the Gee Bee. I spent most of the time flying scale laps, doing climbing KE passes, shooting touch & gos, and shooting full-stop landings. I spent over a half-hour just doing scale two-wheel takeoffs & shooting scale two-wheel landings - with the tail flying until it comes down on its own. I was grinning from ear to ear!

I worked on my scale flying with the mCP X.

As if that wasn't enough for a relaxing evening at the field - while I was flying the last flight of the day with the Gee Bee, I heard the unmistakeable sound of an AT-6 heading my way. I maneuvered the Gee Bee into a position so I could watch the AT-6 as I flew. The Texan flew right down the runway @ about 1500' AGL! I brought the Gee Bee around & quickly landed. The AT-6 came around for another pass over the runway! I waved to the pilot as he flew over. He executed a tight 180-degree turn at a 90-degree bank-angle, made one more pass over the field, and then headed back toward the airport. As he flew over the runway the last time, he wagged his wings.

What a perfect ending for a perfect flying session!

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