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Originally Posted by Willsonman View Post
Well, there is your problem. I know they are not your favorite considering your last battle. One day though, you will get it right and you will love them.

Bigger project? Any hints so we can start guessing?
No, it's way too soon to be guessing. Besides with my fickled R/C mind I can change at any time.

Wax might well do fine but Partall over it guarantees no problems.

If you've seen any of my builds, then you know that I have very little patience. So I put the mold in my warming oven( 75 degrees outside and hot in the sun!) for about an hour. Worried about it getting too hot so I brought it in and cooled it and then did it again. It is cured. I decided to trim, drill the alignment holes, and popped it off the plug. To my amazement the plug was fine and there seems to be a pretty smooth surface on the mold halves.
So now it needs washed to remove the release and wax and then I will primer it so that I can check for blemishes. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it and hope I can pull a cowl soon.
So while I was waiting on the mold to cure I pulled out of my storage the crappiest piece of 2" white foam that I have ever seen. It was left here when I bought the house. Dusty and a rough surface but since I'm short of foam and didn't feel like running to Lowes, I cut it up and glued together to make 4" wing blanks.
Good thing that I'm hot wiring it because it is butt ugly but will do the job. I have to do each wing panel in two pieces because my bow isn't quite long enough to cut it.
I have the blanks cut and just need to make an add'l rib template for the middle cut.
Maybe cutting wings tomorrow.

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