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I used low temp hot glue (didn't want to harm my foam plug with hi temp) to glue the horizontal parting plane where it meets the vertical plane. That was a wood/wood joint so I wasn't worried about the hot glue. Then I squeezed some glue out of the gun and used a matchstick to scrap it up and deposit on the horizontal plane/foam plug juncture at the rear. Didn't use much and was very careful when handling the whole thing. Tomorrow I won't have to worry about that, the horizontal planes come off. I'll just need the vertical plane for tomorrow and don't have to worry about it till I drill out the dowel holding it..

I don't pretend to be an expert here on fiberglasssing. In fact I know just enough to be dangerous. But we will all learn to do this better by jumping in and trying it.
The proper way as I understand it would be to give the whole thing a thin surface coat. That is epoxy mixed with a substance that makes it thicker. Dumping some graphite in it makes it easier to see what you are doing too. Then when that thin coat gets tacky to the touch, another thin surface coat is applied and given time to get tacky too. When it does it is time to start laying up glass.
I used small pieces up at the nose of the cowl. The turn down into that vertical parting plane was really difficult with the 3 and 5 oz glass. So I used smaller pieces that are easier to "tuck down in those crevices.
I put layers on until I ran out of epoxy for the third time. Don't even know how many layers i put on it but it is several.
Tomorrow the other side and start the wing cores
Did a little Polaris flying this afternoon and that slowed me down too.

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