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Originally Posted by i812 View Post
IMO, there shouldn't be a need for the TX to always blindly send 2 different "handshakes" to a RX, one at a time, in order initialize both types of RX's. Why not ask the User during the TX's Model Entry menu which type of RX that Model has?

I doubt there is any different "handshaking" protocols between the 2801 and Devo TX and RX. I'm new at this stuff, but suspect the TX & RX communication is still 100% the same between the two. What I believe is different between the 2801 and Devo TX/RX is:
  • a 2801 TX only transmits to RX, and its "field" RX only receives info from TX (it's a one way communication path)

  • a Devo TX must ALSO receive telemetry info from the field; therefore, the TX RF module must have receive as well as transmit capability, and likewise the field module(s) must have transmit as well as receive capability.

I'm guessing with either 2801 or Devo, the info being transmitted from the TX to the RX is 100% the same: "X" channels (pulses) worth of PPM (pulsewidth) info being transmitted. Only thing needing to be different is info being received by TX, and maybe it is being received exactly the same way: as an additional "Y" channels of PPM info? If so, there would be no need for any additional handshaking/protocol - just keep on doing the same thing on the same frequencies. For all practical purposes, the only difference between 2801 and Devo might be that the Devo has additional 4 Voltage, Temp, RPM, and GPS info "channels" being sent to TX.
The WK2801 is FHSS and the Devo radios are DSSS (says that the Devo 10 is DSSS right on Walkera's page for it)
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