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Freeflight multiwii flashing procedure [lol]

Originally Posted by alek3d View Post
timecop, is there MultiWii upload guide for dumbs? I would like to try it.
I wrote something in email a few days ago. Here it is below:

OK, so here's a quick rundown on what you need to do to load proper
firmware on freeflight board.

Download latest copy of "baseflight" from here:
as of right now, its 20120319. If you want absolutely latest, it's always available at

then, follow instructions in the englishified freeflight manual that
refer to firmware update. The process is exactly same. Basically you
toggle the switch on freeflight usb, plug it in, power up the board,
then use ST Flash Loader (the stuff off goodluckbuy) to load firmware.
Make sure "erase all pages' is NOT checked (the manual covers this).

IF everything went OK, after flash tool is done, you can power off the
board, toggle switch on USB back to normal position, and power it back
up. Leds should blink, buzzer should beep, and then go back to normal
(both leds off). If you tilt this board at this point > 25degrees, one
of the leds will flash. That means firmware worked.

Now need to get multiwii junk.
download latest stuff from here:
you want "". (or anything newer).
There will be 2 things in there. One is Multiwii_2.0bla bla, trash that.
Second one is MultiWiiConf_2.0bla bla < you want that.
Open the one that runs on your system and choose serial port # of the
freeflight dongle, click it, then click 'start' in GUI. You should see
some stuff.
Now head over to to read about
various settings. defaults fly just fine. everything in the url is applicable except for the part wehre tehy're
talkign about writing code or flashing tarduino. you don't need to do

Default RC input is PWM. If you want to switch to PPM, there's an extra step:

1) download putty.exe / or use hyperterminal
2) connect to the COM port of the board
3) press '#', it should say "entering CLI mode' or so.
4) type "feature ppm" and press enter.
5) type "save" and press enter.
6) board should reboot, and you should be good to go.

There is other stuff to explore in the cli, type "help" for more info. There you can configure mixer type (quad/hexa/etc), enable/disable features, and get system status.

With mwii firmware, motor order/rotation/etc changes!!!
Check the manual for my board (which runs same firmware)
Around page 5 or so there's motor info.
The motor pins order also changes - they're labeled etc thats
where the motors go, not like in freeflight firmware.

In case you want to go back to freeflight firmware and you screwed up the copy protection stuff, fix it here:
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