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Originally Posted by beenflying View Post
Bingo! Com 11 did it!

On my CX 3x1000, I note that all the parameter values remain unchanged when I flip from condition 1 to condition 2, which may be why I've not had any weird behaviours from the controller, if your theory is true. (and it seems like a very plausible theory)

There are a couple of things I notice. First of all, it's not possible to select any of the tabbed screens by clicking on the tab - though the "Next" button works. I recall that being pointed out quite a while back, so it's surprising they haven't fixed it - or maybe it's just an XP thing.

Secondly, when I go into the "monitor" screen, everything is flashing, approx twice a second. It's still usable, but seems to be some sort of glitch. I don't see the LED's on the controller flashing in sync with this effect.

Thanks for the link! I was starting to feel like a bit of a dweeb!
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