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Originally Posted by Rob Mackenzie View Post
ExAIR asked "On the template overlay view, could you possibly scale up the wing until the angles all intersect foamboard edges, and then advise the measurements from the corners of the foamboard to the necessary fold lines and cutlines? I'm just thinking some cavemen like me might be able to more easily trace the outline without an actual template or protractor. "

This isn't exactly what he had in mind but it is as close as dammit is to swearing... and it does (almost) fit in this orientation on a 20x30 foamboard sheet.

Click to enlarge thumbnail:
That's awesome. Thanks for making it. One thing to note is that root cord on upper half should be a little longer than 12", 12 and 1/8 to be exact. In most cases that won't affect the overall construction of the wing, but in case someone wants it to be a perfect fit, they need to compensate the length of curved surface.
When I get back from work today, I will post another version of my template, that requires simple measurements instead of protractors. It will give builders another option, since I aligned it differently.
By the way if you'd like I can attach your template to the first post and give you credit for it.

Also I am happy to report that this wing survived ~ 20 flights at this point, and 20 landings on different surfaces, some of which were far from smooth.

Also I crashed it twice because I don't like to sit home on windy days. Once during launch against concrete runway and once in a dive on a football field.
The first time servo popped off - new piece of double sided tape fixed the problem. Second time motor+gift card ripped out.
Both times I was able to get back to flying within 5 minutes.

by my Calculations Average speed is ~ 65mph

I'm planing on buying a high speed, high torque motor and downsizing the propeller and making a second wing just for those windy days at AMA field. 500-600 watt setup should bring me closer to 100-120mph.
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