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Originally Posted by rcrich View Post
very cool! looking forward to build details
Well they aren't exactly build details or a build along, because Ed already outlined wing folding techniques in his videos, I will simply show close up shots and talk about some nuances.

Originally Posted by Tsavah View Post
I am thinking the idea of using 3/4" insulation foam board is a good one, but I am curious why the carbon fiber parts weren't put against, or in the pink foam spars? Maybe it was easier to just put them across the wing. I have been kicking around the idea of making a 60" wing, or a bit longer with parts from Pan fish fishing poles (Walmart) that are a carbon fiber product. The poles come in 8', 10', and 12' lengths, if all the sections are telescoped out. Each section is tapered to jam into the smaller end of the larger piece, so if you buy two poles priced from $8 to $12, you have a pair of matching spar sections. The carbon fiber tubes are very strong, and likely stronger than I will need using the lightweight skin and foam ribs/spars. For a longer than 60" wing, I will have to use the Blu-core fan fold foam (1/4" thick). First I will have to make sure the long wing will fit in my small truck, or come up with a simple assembly method once I get to the field.

I have noticed a number of assembly methods, mostly tube in a tube, for the larger RC flyers. As long as a center section is used to mount both halves of the wing to, it seems like a straight forward process. One of the interesting concepts is if you can build a flying wing, you can use the same process to add a fuselage and other parts for just about any aircraft type one can imagine. Cold rolling thin foam is such a simple process, it makes sense to build large, lightweight flyers using thin foam. I am very impressed with the larger C-10 and P-40 projects and how they can float about using very little runway for take off and landings. What folks are able to do using thin foam instead of card stock from enlarged scale paper airplane plans is very impressive to say the least.
Well, 3/4" Insulation foam board + rigid edge from folding tape covered foam + carbon rods (they are actually carbon tubes) + thin carbon rods hidden under black tape on leading edge = enough stability and durability For the most part I placed carbon rods across the wing is because I'm reinforcing the wing and the central part at the same time. Fishing poles sound like a good idea for a 60" wing.

I have some carbon arrows for larger builds, or for builds that will come apart for transportation

And yes, you are absolutely right, as long as center section is separate from both halves you can make a folding wing, or use it on any other plane or build almost in any configuration. As a matter of fact I'm experimenting with modular design right now .I had a separate thread where I made my first experimental build, but it was kind of ugly and awkward looking, but I did learn a lot from it, and will be creating a modular flying wing in the nearest future. Imagine Flying Wing with detachable fuselage, easily adjustable CoG, easier launch and maybe even a wheel down the middle for landing
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