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Finished up the paint job... added decals using Iron- on T-shirt printer paper and applying with a small craft iron. It was a very tricky process and in some cases, I melted the foam a bit - but it is a learning process. Overall, I'm am very happy with how the decals came out, but I definitely need to improve the aplication process!

Got in a good flight and water test this morning - video below:
Icon A5 R/C Scratchbuild by Snice - Flyin' & Floatin' (12 min 26 sec)

Water handling was a bit of a challenge - it would definitely be a lot easier with a working rudder (Hmmm......) ...or I could just get used to it! Still need more practice on the water before I actually attempt a takeoff and landing on water. I'm afraid of catching a wingtip and cartwheeling her! I was also surprised at how wet she got -- there was water all over the plane. The access hatch and wing attachment point need to be better sealed to prevent water from gettting in...
...more to come on the water front, but at least I have confirmed that she can taxi on the water.

The flaps on this bird seem to create a tremendous amount of lift. With flaps down, she really wants to get off the ground! Also slows down nicely and has a nice glide with flaps deployed. I almost left off the flaps but I am definitely glad I added them. Also wonder how long, full wing flaperons would work too.

Next up: Plans!!!
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