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What can I say about this new electronic marvel? I have been a beta tester for many different RC devices including some of the ET Data Loggers,Air Speed ,Altimeter ,Brush less RPM and other add on / stand alone sensors and nothing has been as exciting and as much fun as the Guardian 2D/3D.

Weather here has been less than perfect for flying but I have managed to log 8 flights with it on one of my Mini Gremlins which is a combat flying wing. I have changed the motor to a bit warmer one since that photo. Level flight is 65MPH currently , can get 76 out of it but that eats the battery to fast.

Recommended mounting location for the Guardian is as close to CG as possible but not critical. Well on Gremlin Guardian is mounted on the orange platform between the fins which places the center of the Guardian 4-1/4" behind the CG and 3" ahead of the elevons trailing edges. I am using very short control horns and servos have extremely limited movement (50% on Elevators and 65% on Ailerons) yet the Guardian does an excellent job.

2D Mode hand off straight level flight is perfect no matter what the wind is doing. I have flown it right above the stall point in gusty cross winds and it stays right on track with only limited drifting and there are no rudders. Hand launches were not difficult before but now they are even easier and the wind does not change its' course.

Every setup / aircraft is going to be a bit different depending on control surfaces,travel, gain setting and such but as mine is setup while in 2D mode and low rates hard over to Right or left results in knife edge, full up results in half of a loop then it flip back to level flight.
High rates will let it roll and if stick is centered while inverted the snap back to upright level flight is perhaps 1/2 of a second.

3D mode and this thing is on rails , not like ordinary train ralls but more like mono rails. Assume a position ,center the stick and watch it continue on course. Gremlin will not hold knife edge but it sure trys awful hard. Roll or loop to inverted and center stick and hands offf inverted is perfect. Landing in a gusty cross wind is completely a non event even without rudders..

I have been flying in 3D mode inverted and fliped to 2D mode and ttransition to upright level flight is so fast that it is difficult to believe.

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