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It's possible that 2801 and Devo TX's could be made to interoperate but it really is depending on the TX hardware. Remember that we have a stack of software here. We have the interface on top that's running on the ARM processor that they use, then under that is the transmission protocol stack and then under that the transmission hardware. Just like in your computer.

IF the transmission hardware is identical, that means the actual radio, buffer memory size, etc Then it's possible that it could be made to work. If there's more buffering going on in the devo hardware then everyone's out of luck.

The good news is that if the hardware (and hardware requirements) was identical you could have your devo 12 with it's fancy interface etc and just call the 2801 protocol underneath instead of the devo protocol which would in turn send calls to the transmission hardware under that. This means that it's alot more likely that a devo tx could be made backwards compatible rather than a 2801 forwards compatible.

This works alot like the wifi adapter in your laptop. When you connect to a 802.11g router you're using a significantly different protocol than when you connect to an 802.11b router... and the point of having the network stack is so as the user (and the user software) you just don't care what protocol you're using. Whether it's a business decision or a hardware issue I don't see it being a simple hack even if walkera handed out the source code.
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