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Originally Posted by Atomic Skull View Post
No, Walkera was definitely lying. According to the hackers on the Turnigy 9x forum the Devo's transmitter module can be programmed to do practically any standard. They're talking about hacking the module into the 9x and using it to do Spectrum, Futaba, etc. The Devo is a programmable ARM Cortex 9 based microcomputer, not fixed function hardware and the CYRF6936 is directly controlled by the microprocessor (which is why they want to use the module in the 9x, because they have full control over it and can program it to do anything they want). Walkera could add a WK2801 mode to the Devo radios with a firmware update if they wanted and it would not have any limiting effect on the radio at all. For that matter they could add a DSM2 mode if they wanted to (though not legally)
Maybe we are looking at things differently but I really don't think they lied

for the devo to work across the range of Rx sizes they needed a totally different protocol - the 2801 is a good triple transmitter ie it uses three separate slightly different protocols - now you may know people who are hacking the 9x who are hacking the protocol's but can they have both protocols running and switch between them - I doubt it.

I was one of the first to get a 2801 radio and I thought it was a great radio but the devo 12 I now use more than any other radio is in a totally different league and if you told me that you had a hack to replace the new devo OS with the old 2801 I would tell you no thanks.

A few years back it looked like the different manufacturers may come up with a design where the RF module would be a separate plug in and walkera did follow suit with the 801 but sadly that idea has gone back on to the back boiler.

Regards David
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