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Castle Creations.. Recalls, failures, and customer service.. What do you think?

Ok guys it's time to give castle a chance to speak up!! If you don't know it already? Many of the castle ESC's have been recalled, and legitimately deemed flawed, and dangerous.. I would like to share my experiences, and hear yours..

I've been flying for five years, and sadly have had more bad luck with castle than good? I started running a new ice HV80 in my 78" EF on 12s.. It seemed to work fine, but when castle setup the recall program I saw that my ESC was on it.. It seemed like a good program? You first need to order a new Hv2 ESC, but at checkout they have you setup a exchange Purchase order, Include the pappier work with your used ESC , and return it all to castle via registered mail.. Great! Sounded good to me! After filling out the purchase order, I felt secure that castle was only taking returns if they had ESC's to send.. The websight did say "in stock"...

I mailed of my ESC, grounding my largest, and only big plane.. After a month I decided to send a Email, questioning when I might get my ESC back? I received a generic email that stated they would return emails within two to three days.. There was no response, so Two weeks later I sent another email, but this time the web store was shut down?!?! After calling the repair department I also received a generic message, that basically had a very nice lady's voice, that tells you "all is well, Were just a bit backed up".. Now the web store has been down for two weeks, there not returning any emails or calls, and there is no way to actually speak with a Rep..

To top it all off!! I just purchased a indoor foamy kit from fancy foam.. When picking components I went with the best, right? So I ordered the Thunder bird9 that fancy foam had in stock. When building my new fancy foam AJ Osiris, the new castle TB9 ESC's BEC doesn't work properly! Upon further investigation I found the TB9 is on a separate recall list, and I can't even send it in for replacement, because the store is closed.. At this point I removed a $10. ESC from one of my beat up epp planes and installed it in my new FF Osiris..

I will tell you that last night I finally found a shop that has HV2 120esc's and HV2 80 ESC's in stock.. I ordered a new hv2 120 Ice ESC..Hopefully this one will work! When I finally get the 80 V2 back, it will be for sale..

Recall includes all Ice HV series, including Mamba ESC, thunder bird 9, and many more!!

Note: this is not an attack thread! I seriously, want to start a thread where people can discuss there issues, good bad indifferent..
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