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Here is my JR XP9303 (Heli) program that I have been using on the Taborca successfully. I do plan on revisiting this as I learn a bit more about programming the 9303. This was my first airplane with this Tx, and I'm pretty sure I can improve it.

It is a 5 flight mode set-up. I have a Launch mode, where it is in climb trim and the motor is active on the left stick. There are three flight modes: speed, cruise, and thermal, all with different flap settings. And a Land mode, that starts at the Thermal/slow flight setting, and the flaps are active on the left stick.

Note that the flaps go "backwards" from the normal convention. They deploy more as you move the stick from the bottom up (low throttle to high throttle). I have been setting up all my e-gliders like this, so that throttle off and flaps off are both with the stick at the bottom. I think this is the best way to do it, so that you don't suddenly end up with full throttle or full flap when moving the flight mode switch.

The Launch, Flight Mode, Land switch is on the upper left 3-position switch on my Heli Tx. The Speed, Cruise, Thermal modes are on the right 3-position switch. The launch and Land modes over-ride the Flight mode switch, so you can switch to Land or Launch modes with just the one switch.

The issues I have right now are the right flap slider is active, so I taped it off in the lowest position to avoid unwanted flap trim. And I do not have the rudder action programmed that is in the Taborca guide. It is basically a drag control - the outer two control surfaces go opposite ways to just make drag on one wing. I didn't think that was really much help for thermalling.

I am very used to using Flight Mode settings for my flaps from my DLG set-ups, even though they weren't called that on my old 8103, so this works well for me. If you use this program, make sure you understand what the switches are going to do before you fly.

I've attached a pdf version, and the original Excel version (zipped) so you can modify it or use it to record other airplanes.


Edit: I better add which control surface is connected where. The channel assignments are different in Glider mode than Acro.

1 = left combi-flap (middle flap)
2 = right combi-flap
3 = right elevator (outboard flap)
4 = left elevator
5 = right flap (inboard flap)
6 = left flap
7 = motor
8 = sBEC
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