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This FDS6890 is in a S0-8 package, 8 legs on it - surface mount. 2 Sources, 2 Gates and 4 Drains. The the gate opens the drain from the amplified source, so basically the drain pins are the power output pins, and its just a fast amplifying switch. A lot of times you will see a big glob of solder on the drains of these chips on ESC's to enable more conductivity, since on a high amp draw they can actually come off the board.

Anyway on this chip below of you look at the datasheet you can see the pinout, S1,G1, S2,G2 then D1,D1,D2,D2. S = source G = Gate D = Drain. Id feel better if i had a close up picture of the board in question before saying for sure... but im thinking you can solder the drains together and it wouldnt be a problem, but, you cant short the source and the gate pins.

Also the little dot on top of the chip is your S1 reference pin on where to install the chip to match the pinout of where the old one is now.

Hope that helps, the way I look at these things is if you have a bad board now and you screw it up the worse that can happen is you will still have a bad board. The best that can happen is you will have a fixed board for 6.00. I did this before on a Walkera 4# RX/esc 4 in 1 board before, only I upgraded the fets to a 20A output, then i could use higher C batteries and 3S lipos without worrying about blowing the onboard esc's
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