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Originally Posted by Jovanx View Post
Mine weighs 40 grams without the battery, and that is with bigger wheels, servo covers, and a closed-in battery compartment. It is amazing you could do all those things to yours and gain so little weight. Is the wing lighter than the stock one? What about the tail feathers, how thick was the carbon you used?

The inverted gull wing is what defines the look and flying style of this plane, but it is fragile. It seems to be more brittle than the stuff they use in their other planes. I am very curious to hear how it flies with the 1s brushless setup.
I'm not sure how the wing weight compares but it was a stock ParkZone T-28 wing so I would think it would be comparable. The front of the T-28 wing comes forward a bit in the middle where it attaches to the body so I had to trim it back just a bit. I'm also using the slightly smaller Corsair belly pan. The wing is covered with thin fiberglass cloth that supposedly weighs just 18g for one square meter and it's attached using thin foam safe CA that wicked and spread pretty thin compared to how thick epoxy would have been. Covering the wing changed its weight from 4g to 8g. The fuselage bottom went from 3g to 4g. I didn't weigh the top but I would expect another 1-2 gram change. The motor itself weighs about the same as the stock motor and gearbox combined, so the weight of the prop saver, carbon fiber mount, ESC and wiring were all extra... but probably not more than a few grams total. The ESC claims to weigh just 0.7g and my kitchen scale seems to agree, it's <1g.

I forgot to weigh the tail pieces before I installed them but I used 0.5mm carbon fiber. I also bought a 0.25mm sheet but it seems too flimsy to not bend in the air/wind. If it bent over, that would prevent the surfaces from moving.

I'm also curious how it will fly on 1S. I just finished it last night and haven't been able to fly it yet. I'm using a GWS 5030 prop and I'm not sure it's moving enough air. Someone in this same threat had a good amount of lucking a pitchier 5043 prop with the stock motor. So unless I get a considerably higher prop speed, I don't think the prop I have will cut it.

I'll see about posting a video when I try it.
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