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Originally Posted by Wrend View Post
Like I said, the stock charger is perfectly fine for Eneloops, and actually likely better for them than a -ΔV peak charger as long as they're not just left on the charger indefinitely to continuously overcharge. This also lets the cells balance at a fuller charged state if slightly overcharged, and is a more ideal way to charge cells in series. (-ΔV overcharges cells slightly too, only at a faster rate, and without allowing the cells to balance as well as they would otherwise; and just hope that you don't get a missed termination.)

You can tell when they're done charging when they start to warm up slightly, but you don't have to completely charge them each time either. Charging overnight when the pack drops below 10V is fine.

The stock charger charges at such a low rate (70mA) that it is not an issue whatsoever.

If it's any consolation, the first generation Eneloop cells I used in my 6EX almost 3 years ago now have only lost about 1.1% of their capacity potential (using the IEC capacity measurement standard) from when they were new, and they are still within the normal capacity variation range of new Eneloop cells.

Hope that clears things up.
Similar experience here with Eneloops and stock JR charger. No problem.
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