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Originally Posted by casy View Post
Hi all I was just reading thru both sets of rules I have and no where can I find a requirement for a drum winch it does say the the jib the main and the rudder can be controlled by radio which I take to mean you can have more than two channels
of radio after all as been pointed out this is a development class also prior to ISAF 1996 there was a requirement that keel weight be behind the keel there is a name for this which I can not remember I have 2 questions
[1] what is an alternate rig

[2] what is a swing rig

and thirdly why would a Ketch not be totally legal if built to those rules Casey
I'll try to make the most sense of that that I can..

On a Marblehead class boat you are permitted to use more than 2 channels, but it is not advisable. Why, is a higher-level conversation
Typically the Mainsail and Jib are controlled on the same Drum winch, and a single channel.The second channel is used for the rudder.
For drum winch setups, see this document. Scroll to the drum winch section.

Marbleheads used to have a requirement that the lead bulb follow aft of the keel (Bulb can't protrude forward) These are typically classified as Vintage Marbleheads.

An alternate rig is any extra rig that you sail the boat with. Often times called a B-Rig.

On a swing rig, the mast rotates, with both the mainsail and jib turning paralell to the hull (when sailing downwind.)
here is a video onboard of a swing-rig.

Pinter Swing Rig (2 min 57 sec)

A ketch would be illegal in the Marblehead class rules, because it adds an additional mast.
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