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I flew the Taborca for maybe an hour and a half today, all thermalling and fooling around. It thermals quite well, and I had several 30 minute flights from a 30 second motor run. I had to burn off altitude on a couple of occasions, because I was getting some frame losses. I'll have to do a bit better job of antenna placement than stuffing them in the back somewhere. I like that the FrSky system warns you real time.

The powered climb rate seems better than I thought yesterday. It is just a big airplane and doesn't get small real fast! I have some altimeter traces, so I'll see what it looks like. It was very active today, so decent measurements will need some early morning flights.

I'm photographically challenged, but Murray manged to get some pics with my point and shoot. He even got some video of my first self hand-launch (a bit exciting), and my worst landing. I'll figure out how to put those up tonight.

It would make an interesting ALES glider. It has great speed and a very good glide. The sink rate is a bit high, and the thermal turn diameter is a bit big for weak days, but I guess that might be expected for a 4kg (140 ounces) glider. For a strong day with wind like today, it is a very good glider to fly. I'm very impressed with the glide at speed. The landing control with the flaps is quite good for ALES style landings.

Hand launching went OK with a bit of wind today, and I'm now sure I can do it even in no wind. It is heavy, and has a big span, so it is harder to get it balanced, and it requires a good throw. You have to keep your hand clear of the flaps. It would certainly intimidate the other launchers in ALES!

I took out about 20g of the nose weight I had added, and I'm pretty happy with the CG there.

The Taborca is a very well designed and constructed glider. It looks very cool in the air, and is a lot of fun to fly. It is very responsive to the controls. It does nice loops too!

No eagle pics today, they were mostly at 4,000', or going that way pretty fast. You'll have to settle for my local pair from my front yard. They nest behind my house. The first red tails were back today though, so despite it being pretty cool today, spring must be on the way.


Edit: I just measured the powered climb rate, and it looks like about 450m/min. It gets to 200m, with considerable ranging, in about 27 seconds. It's just so big, I originally thought it was only at about 150m, when it was actually at 200.

Not bad for a 4 kilo glider.
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