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e-Taborca first flight

It has fins, so I hope this is OK here.

I had a successful first flight on my LET Taborca:

Mine is a bit older one than in the photos on the web page. We had some camera issues today, but hopefully there are a couple of shots coming. I'll try for some more photos tomorrow.

It was a bit windy this morning, and supposed to pick-up, but it seemed ok to give it a try. I had added 70 grams additional nose weight, on top of the 260g MVVS 5.6/960 Redliner motor (14x9 CF folder, 80A HK Plush ESC, 5A outboard sBEC), and the 6000mAh 3S Nanotech battery, just for insurance. I had eventually got all the flight modes programmed into my JR9303 (my first model on this Tx). It is a bit of a beast at 3.3m span, and 4.0kg ready to fly.

Anyway, it flew straight off a hand launch, and climbed out nicely. I kept it pretty straight for the first bit. It responded very nicely to the controls, and basically only needed a couple of clicks of up trim, probably due to the CG being slightly forward of the recommended spot. I shut the motor off at about 200m, and tried out the thermal and speed modes and full aft stick. Everything seemed perfect, and it flies much like a conventional big glider.

I stumbled into a nice thermal, and managed to climb out while feeling out the controls. An aggressive looking bald eagle joined in, but even though it is mating season, he just climbed up with me. Even with full aft stick it wouldn't drop a tip or stall, so the CG needs to go back a bit.

I did a bit of a dive test - confirmed nose heavy - and tried out the landing flaps. They slow it down and steepen the glide path quite nicely. It really scoots in speed mode too. I need some reflective tape on the leading edge. It tends to disappear with the small frontal area.

It was a bit turbulent down lower, but the Taborca handled it nicely. The landing flaps worked quite well, and it hand a smooth touch down right on our grass strip. One of the easiest first flight I've ever had, including a thermal climb. Considering it is a 4kg, 6 servo flying wing, I am very impressed.

It is going to be difficult to hand launch myself I think, just because of the weight and size. The climb rate is not blistering with the present set-up. It might make 200m in 30 seconds, I'll have to throw the altimeter and cut-off in it for tomorrow. It is at about 58A, 600+W at the moment. I might try a 15x9" prop, but I'm not sure I want to push the motor much harder than that.

It is a very nicely built model (obechi over white foam, fibreglass fuse and winglets), and it flies very well. I hope I can figure out how to hand launch it myself - it would make a very interesting ALES glider.

Courtenay, BC
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