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Originally Posted by pulsery2k1 View Post

I belive you have it incorrect, the wires between the ESC and
battery's must be kept short the wires from the esc to motors
can be longer with no problems. Per Castle creations .

I have several twins and a couple of 4 engine electric model
all have esc' in fuse with on problems .

But on the other hand I see My Dyham dc-/c47 is the oppsite
very long power wires and very short esc to motor wires.
so good question who's correct

the most Important thing with sea planes is to waterproof
the esc's ,because even a few drops of water on an esc
can fry them .
Hi all my multi engine models have the ESC in the engine bay, one being over 400mm from the lipo in the Fus' all work fine so as you say who knows what is 'right'. On the waterproofing side my Catalina suffered water in the ESC for the first few flights the symptom was just not arming at all, dried them out and worked fine, some have used 'Corrosion X' to good effect but I went down the mor traditional, old fashioned route and just put the ESC's into party balloons. I cut the end off a balloon rolled it onto the ESC (heat shrink was already removed to dry them out) a spot of silicone gunk around the wires and then a cable/zip tie to keep it all watertight. Its now done well over 100 flights with no problems at all, I will use this method again.

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