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Originally Posted by CloudyIFR View Post

I am a level III and where I have chosen to live I will never be able to use LSF again as it is currently written as in my lifetime I do not believe that there will ever be enough interest in obtaining the equipment and pilots who are interested in winch launched soaring.

With the advent of ALES I am now very optimistic that will change. We had several contests last year and there are over half a dozen ALES models, big competitive models being built this winter...

Hi Curtis,
I certainly understand your dilemma and in my locale I, too, need to travel, as much as 5 hours away to find any contests of 20 or more pilots for Level IV/V. Especially with my choice of a career I will probably not be able to attain these achievements, either, be it in conventional LSF soaring or an E-soaring program. But that's my dilemma. It is what it is. It doesn't mean I don't love soaring as much or more than the other guy, it just is how life is for me. So, to make it more convenient for me, I don't believe the program should be changed.

It is wonderful that you have a resurgence in popularity with E-soaring as you have, and I know it will pick up in our clubs...someday! But, I believe, a new SAP geared towards the ALES/F5J should be introduced and kept separate from the conventional string/hand launch. Let it stay and honor it for it's past (and present for those who can and will continue!). I think a new SAP under the banner of the LSF (League of SOARING Flight, as I saw referenced earlier, sounds good!) would be a great addition and I would just as proudly display next to my Level III stickers. I would have no problem starting the journey over from Level I for a new SAP and would excitedly welcome the chance to do so.

Thanks for your insights and achievements and some wonderful DVDs.

Blue skies!

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