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Originally Posted by ismith2uk View Post

I have often puzzled over making an RC microlight, but just couldn't work out how to control it such that the wing could still attain its own hands off position, as in a real microlight.

Thanks for the kind words Ian

I spent alot of time researching about how hang gliders and microlights fly,
the servo setup is used on some (most?) rc autogyros.. as youll know
but i heard the downside about this arrangement is servos stripping in a hard landing or crash so the springs act like servo savers.
actually got the 'springs' idea off rc motorbikes! (which is another of my hobbies)

the main reason for me using the springs though is to allow the wing to deal with wind/turbulance (as your arms do in a real one- sort of like shock absorbers )
they allow the wing to be bumped about by turbulance but not pass this movement down to the trike so you remain in control.
if trike and wing were locked as one it would swing all over the place due to the pendulam effect and be very hard to control.

if the collets are in the wrong place on the steering arms they can stop the trike swinging to its natural hang postion and stop the wing flying at its natural trim postion- determined by the trike hang point (as youll also know lol) and make the whole aircraft very unstable.

i found you need to get the collets the right distance apart -
not too far else you wont have much roll control as the springs take out all your input-
but not too close as youll loose the 'servo saver' part and also there wont be enough 'free play' to soak up turbulance.

springs and collets are positioned on the carbon rods with trial and error at first but once you have them as close as possible you can find the 'sweet spot' with a few bumps of elevator trim.

i would love to come and meet you guys and see your autogyros one day,
let me know where and when your going and ill try and come over


ps sorry for telling you what you already know in this post..ive just read it back!
with 10yrs experience youll know all this already! lol
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