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Originally Posted by sissy123 View Post
hey there
i have some questions regarding the flying wing. i wanted to know is a flying wing unstable like d one u made and is determining the cg a problem and my last question is is the wiring to complicated please let me noe thankssss...
Well let me give you the short answers before I confuse you with actual details:

A properly designed flying is just as stable as any other aircraft and even more agile. Determining COG is not so hard I stick to proportion % rules where I start with a 20<>25% COG (from nose back) for a slight nose heavy configuration and then tweak from there. The wiring... no way to short explain.

Many flying/Delta wings use just 2 servos with Elevon mixing so your ailerons become your elevator also (hence the name), I wanted a rudder to help smooth out long banking and other maneuvers which are best with rudder to maintain airspeed etc. So I in total have 3 servos. The rest of my wiring is simply for convenience with a proper power switch and easier time getting the battery in and out.

I've made flying wings in the past that where just a thick triangle shaped piece of foam board with 2 servos, receiver , motor and ESC lol. Like most builds it's only as complicated as you make it for yourself, I provide plans and step by step photos so you can take what you want from the design as a whole.

If your really interested in flying wings then I suggest you take the same kind of approach with foam boards to learn the characteristics of them, it's cheap and quick to fix on crashing. As you develop then think about design changes and how they effect your flying, doing so allows you in the end to have a good idea on designs that will work, may have problems or simply wouldn't fly.

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