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Dynam Warbird Owners Thread

Hi all

This is a thread that I have created to discuss all Dynam warbirds. It can include any suggestions that Dynam can use as feedback to allow then to build better RC warbirds including any suggestions for future Dynam warbirds.

I currently have two Dynam planes, the AT-6 Texan, and the Spitfire.

The things that I like about Dynam warbirds are:

- for the price, they are excellent value for money.

- they are normally in the 1200-1300mm size, which are easy to fit in the car without dismantling them, but large enough so they still have presence in the sky and stable.

- the motors they use are very good and provide more than enough power, particularly when running on four cell batteries (but enough power on 3 cells for more scale like flying)

- The epo they use is tough and can take a beating

- I like that the decals come uninstalled, as it allows you to customize the paintwork without having to remove decals like other brands.

- they are excellent flyers, and never need much trim to get then flying right.

The things that I don't like so far about Dynam planes is:

- The landing gear needs to come with more forward rake out if the factory to avoid nose-overs

- the control rod/horn setup that they use with the screw and bolt is dated, and would work much better with a normal plastic clevis setup.

- Sky blue is not grey, and looks silly when it is expected to.

- The pilots they use are never to scale. How hard can it be to get scale pilots that don't looks like midgets or bigfoots.

- a mustang does not looks good or right at all with a three bladed prop unless it is an Allison engined early one

The retracts seem to be tempremental, temperature sensitive, and have moments where they just decide not to work for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Feel free to add any more issues that you may have with the products.

Cheers, MP
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