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Well, fyi, to start with you can forget about selling it with the .18 engine, as this boat is meant to run with a .67 or better. This is a huge model and weighs accordingly.

However, to answer your question, it is hard to say without seeing pictures and knowing what (and what kind) of hardware you have for it. Completely ready to prime and paint? Decals available? Hardware--is it quality aftermarket, or the Dumas hardware, and has it been installed or otherwise placed? Installed so the boat is race legal? What does "a few components are missing" mean? You really need to post some photos if you want informed estimates. It would also help if you could give some idea of your experience in the hobby to provide a basis for your opinion (mentioning this boat and an .18 engine in the same line is not encouraging in that respect). You might be able to get the cost of the kit back unless it is a sterling build and/or you are well known for your building skills, as in my experience if it is not a finished model, most people would prefer to build their own, and are not going to want to pay much. The real work, in my opinion, is in finishing and painting the model to make it look really good, so finished models get priced accordingly.

Having said that, your best bet, if you really want to get rid of it, is put it on ebay, and don't stint with the pictures. You might not get what you want for it, but you will get what it's worth. If you don't want to do that, then listing it here and at Off Shore Electrics is recommended--you are just back to the issue of setting a price on it.

Even at the size of the Circus Circus (this is the 45" hull, right?) you can box it up, and Greyhound is very reasonable for shipping cost just about anywhere (only requirement is destination has to have a Greyhound office). Mine was shipped to me that way wrapped in 4" fiberglass insulation and had zero damage (I bought mine fully painted and just needing motor to be ready for the water).

It would also help if you would at least put where you are as that might spark some interest if you are close to someone who might want to look at it.

Good luck...
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