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Originally Posted by Wrend View Post
Probably your best option is to get some Eneloops or a pack made out of them. Here's a mini-review I did on using them in my 6EX:

They'll take quite a bit longer to do a full charge with the stock charger because they have about 4 times the capacity of the stock NiCd pack, but since they don't self discharge at a significant rate and can last for 12+ hours on one charge, you're not likely to need to do a full (from empty) charge on them anyway.

Also not a good idea to leave your TX on, and yes it could have possible done some damage to your pack if the cells in it are out of balance. Still not as bad as leaving your TX on with a LiPo pack in it...
Wrend, are you still using those battery circuit springs that you installed into your 6EX to accept individual AA's? You mentioned in that post you linked above that you were worried about possibly losing power from the batteries not seating well. Did you every experience that problem?

Not sure I'd go that route as it seems a fair bit of work tracking down some springs and installing them. But it is a great idea.

I do like the idea of having a pack made from these Eneloops though, if I could find a company that will do that.

Edit: Found this site: Thanks for the ideas!
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