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Originally Posted by Bo43 View Post
After all I've read in this thread about where the C of G should be, I am confused, so as a beginner, will use the 70mm in the "instructions". If it is too far forward, better a bit nose heavy.
N, the wheels are not retractable, and I've decided (10 minutes ago) to solely use the 'boat' facility, ie no landing gear, reducing any possibilities of leaks when using on water.
Still, the position I showed is where the wheels should be (landing gear hatch) which is dangerously close to the C of G, I think a design error.
the CoG and the wheels are often very close together, have a look at some full size aircraft parked, they instal a 'pogo' stick under the tail to stop the plane falling onto its tail, here its a Saab 340,
as I said if you put the wheels too far back it becomes a problem or even impossible rotating for take off. The extreme case is the B52 which has 2 sets of wheels at the nose and towards the tail way behind the CoG(to allow the bomb bay to be at the CoG) when they take off they dont rotate they rise into the airfrom all wheels at once, so no not a design error.
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