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Originally Posted by Hasi View Post
So, back to my problem. The battery itself has 2.96V, which should not be. But It doesn't charge if I plug it in my computer. Now here comes the interestin thing, if I measure the volts after the battery circuit it says 2.63.

I like it, that it's small, and easy to operate, so I don't want to use any external batteries...

edit: If I plug it in and try to charge it, the voltage on the battery circuit goes up to 4.10V, but the actual battery does not do anything...
The camera stops operating when the battery voltage delivered to the circuit board drops to about 3.7V (nominal) based on some early testing with the earlier #11 camera, so it's no surprise your camera will not turn on.

If sounds like the charge management IC is functional, but some chargers will not attempt to charge a lipo if the detected battery voltage is too low (overdischarged), which yours is, and probably the reason for the flashing LED. You may have a defective battery protection circuit board (the little one soldered to the battery tabs inside the tape). You could also have a battery that is shot from being over discharged. You could do some troubleshooting by removing the small charge protection circuit board and trying to charge the battery without it. That could tell if that protection circuit board is the problem, but if the camera is new, you should be able to get a warranty battery replacement.
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