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Originally Posted by Hasi View Post
Hi,I have a little problem with my #11 camera. It does not turn on. Any suggestions?
i suggest you to open the camera & measure actual battery voltage...

as mention before, the camera charge system let it go above 4.2v and may
dammage most of these camera lipo battery wich may lead to your problem
(it happend to me , i had to replace the battery) i'v install an external battery
+ futaba plug to monitor charge voltage :

Maybe Tom could give an important advice about this camera charge circuit at the
first page ? as soon as a little battery this size gets hot, it mean overcharge ... my opinion...
all my coaxial heli & 1s airplane lipo never charge enought these 1s battery to heat them...

From now ON, i would not recommend to buy the # 11 and redirect customer to # 16...

Originally Posted by ggtronic View Post
just dont thrust the # 11 charge circuit i saw mine go up to 4.3V
wich mean over charge
ounce i made my battery mod, i only charge it with a real lipo
charger with futaba servo plug wich will prevent from going over 4.2V

after killing the original battery with the bad charge circuit, i now leave it out of camera case... easy to change...
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