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The winter weather finally let me maidian my Stearman today. I was ready on my sticks for some left temper that I read in this forum, but not fast enough. The plane turned 120 degrees left on take off. None of my 12 other planes have been so drastic. I will always take off with the right side facing me unless something changes with this plane. I flew around a while, it took more trim than almost any plane I have built. You can see a noticeable right aileron and right rudder when I came down. When I was about ready to land, I let it get a little too slow and it fell right out of the sky, but I let it dive and speed up and pulled it out just above the ground. It was back lit and I could not tell which side was up so I rolled around until I figured out which way was up and got it headed back to me. I flew by and pulled straight up. The eflite power 10 I put in the Stearman is larger, heaver, and more powerful than stock. That motor pulled the Stearman straight up at less than full throttle with unlimited vertical. I came down at a fairly steep angle and leveled off about a foot above the runway and cut power for a perfect landing. If I had not had 4 years of practice on other planes I would have crashed this one, it was a handful and I was shaking after I landed. I flew my Eflite Extra 260 just before this plane the Extra if very responsive but much easier to fly than the Stearman. After the Stearman, I flew my T28 which is extremely easier to fly by comparison.
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