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Longer flight test

So finally, weekend is here, so I get ready my new Bixler (after gluing back aileron control horn that came loose after I hand-forced servo... aehm). It's been sunny, but windy and chilly. I made number of launches, testing various modes of flight. Relatively strong wind made it impossible to do any fine-tuning. I tried some aerobatics (loops, inverted flight). My main concern was if the wings are held together sufficiently well. Well, on about two occasions, the wings became partially unlocked, though not completely loose. At home I discovered, that one of the magnets is unglued. So I glued it back and we'll see. Maybe I will need to add more magnets, maybe I need to try something better.

Another little thing is that I use stick-on velcro to hold ESC in place. Unfortunately, the glue starts to flow when ESC gets warm/hot and the ESC gradually slides off the velcro. I used some CA glue and we'll see what happens.

As for the motor performance (Turnigy 2826 2200 KV): I haven't flown my previous plane for half a year so I cannot do a good comparison, but I would expect a little more from motor that has some 140 W of rated performance more. It's hard to evaluate the climb rate with ever present wind, but it doesn't seem to be that radically better. Sure, it's got a lot of power, but it's still not vertical climb. We'll see when I get some calmer day.

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