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My thread isn't really a goldmine of information for me but, ther are other sources and wih success.

Characteristic of the situation of course is the fact the products that are delivered are base for know how of the users and not all kind of theoretical background issues.

The variometers used for modeling are simple and based on differentiating of altitude measurement. A known fact.

Profit? easy manufacturing and for that reason popular these years.

Adjustment seems to be established at +/-5 cm/sec as lowest value to (tone) signal of the vertical speed to prevent a bumpy signal and not a kind of a "deadband" of altitude variation of the high resolution altitude signal.

One of the reasons can be the chosen principle, differentiating, combined with a noisy signal generated by the total energy probe,

But ..... with adjusting of these 5 cm/s, is 2 inch/sec, important information will be lost. I am afraid.

It is interesing that the original basic principles still are preferred for 1:1 gliders in contests. The system I use in the Sagitta is an example of one of these principles and known as "fast" and aerodynamically also interesting for our small ships for reason of the low drag of the small Prandtl Rohr (pitot and static tube) when compared with a nearly square on flight direction positioned part of a TE tube.

So the fishing float for the contest (XC) pilot still can be an old variometer principle, a principle that was nearly forgotten.

When you have other experiences or information? let me know because that will be interesting!

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